Orient Paradise Rug 167x227 cm | Orient Paradise Carpet 5.5x7.4 ft

20 320 kr

Mila∞Miro by Emelie
· Harmoniously composed rug in breathtaking motif
· Hand-knotted in Afghanistan with high-quality Ghazni wool
· Worldwide delivery
· Free shipping!

Size ±: 167x227 cm (5.5x7.4 ft)

Kindly note:
- Depending on the screen of your device, colors in reality may differ a bit from the product pictures displayed.
- Color tones do also vary depending on lighting of the room and angle of the pile (from one side brighter, the opposite side darker and deeper colors).
- Professional carpet cleaning is recommended. Do not use chemicals.
- Package is expressed shipped. Customs duties may apply.
- Products are subject to availability.

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